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        Oil-gas metering skid is applicable to metering of crude oil, natural gas, and associated gas in production of oil-gas field, as well as oil-gas gathering and transportation. The equipment is designed to accurately meter liquid output, pure oil output, and throughput.
        ◆ Integrated metering skid  ◆ Multiport valve skid-mounted metering station
        ◆ Single well metering skid  ◆ serial well metering skid
        ◆ Oil-gas test skid  ◆ Single well storage tank metering device
        ◆ Output metering skid  ◆ Skid-mounted metering station
        ◆ Multiport valve metering skid ◆ Metering separator skid
        ◆ Movable single well metering device


        SC series pig launcher and receiver refers to a process equipment designed to launch and receive pipe cleaner in fluid medium transport pipeline. Normally, the equipment is installed at both ends of pipeline or pressure regulating valve chamber along the pipeline. It is important equipment for oil and gas gathering and transportation, oil storage and transport, oil loading and unloading at ports, etc. The equipment is designed to clean pipeline, to remove slag, rust, to clean pipeline, to scrap wax, and to coat the surface of pipeline.
        Mainly parts:
        Quick opening blind plate, barrel, reducing pipe, main pipeline connector, saddle support, pigging indicator, and process connector;
        ◆ Simple structure, easy operation, especially fit for routine maintenance of pipeline ;
        ◆ Adopt quick opening blind plate structure for fast quick pig launching and receiving;
        ◆ Safety unit is outfitted for high reliability;
        ◆ Optional pigging indicator for correct launching and receiving process


        Pressure regulation metering skid (skid-mounted)
        Pressure regulation metering skid is designed with regard to gas vaporized by main vaporizer. As vaporization pressure under equal pressure is basically consistent to storage tank pressure, users normally keep the pressure within a constant range, and pressure regulation is required. The process is also form the convenience of cost calculation of trade or factory. LNG flow rate after vaporization is to be metered. Device combined to realize the above functions is referred to as pressure regulation metering skid.
        Unloading pressurizing system (skid-mounted)
        As LNG tanker is not equipped with pressurizing system, liquefied gas in tank shall be vaporized and returned to tanker during unloading, realizing self-pressuring. The skid-mounted system is referred to as unloading pressurizing system. Unloading pressurizing system improves tanker pressure to operating state,  which is 0.6MPa. As for this, liquid in tank will flow into storage tank under the pressure. Normally, a 300m3/h air temperature purifier is needed.
        Storage tank pressurizing system (skid-mounted)
        Air temperature purifier for storage tank pressurizing system may be modeled according to the air quantity required to pressure increment of storage tank. Normally, each storage tank shall be outfitted with one storage tank pressurizing system.
        Functions and features:
        Fuel gas pressure regulating device station is key equipment to connect long-distance transport pipeline with municipal pipeline network, which mainly adopts 2+1 or 3+1 structure, with multi-leveled pressure regulation;
        Main parts of the equipment, such as pressure regulator, stop valve, flow meter, valve, blow off valve, are famous brand products imported from abroad;
        The equipment is designed with functions of filter (fineness up to 5μm), pressure regulation, high pressure automatic shut-down, flow rate metering, safety blow off, gas leakage alarm, static electricity protection, etc. In addition, remote display and control of pressure, temperature, and flow rate, as well as pressure recording, thermal insulation may be outfitted as well.

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